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Wales 1294…A hated English king, a country in violent rebellion against him, and a fifteen year old girl from Virginia Beach caught up in the midst of it all.

Megan Lynch is Welsh history loving fish out of water; new school, new town, not to mention new country. Her mother thinks the change will do her good and get her away from the bad company she has fallen in with back in Virginia Beach following the death of her Navy SEAL father.

Megan is not convinced, and while she loves the chance to hang out with her Welsh grandmother, the only other thing she has affinity for in her new home town of Flint is the thirteenth century castle, built by the despised English king, Edward I – he of William Wallace/Braveheart fame.
She spends every spare moment exploring the ruined old building; day dreaming about what it would have been like in its medieval heyday. Thanks to a pendant given to her by a mysterious Welshman and a confrontation with a school bully, she’s about to find out.

Megan’s existence is turned upside down as she is thrown into a world of violent rebellion, dungeons, chainmail, bloodied swords, public floggings, crossbows, lynch mobs and burning towns – and her mom thought Virginia Beach was bad. There are some compensations though; unpolluted air, stunning scenery, imposing stone castles in their full splendor, and of course, a handsome broad-shouldered knight’s squire by the name of Hugh.
Megan will need to rely on her wits, along with some skills her dad taught her, but with a dollop of luck and a little help from her friends, perhaps she can make it back to her everyday world of Snapchat, Instagram and Same-Day Delivery; then again, will she even want to?

Family…Blood that binds also Divides
300 years before Columbus there was Madoc…

1170, and Gwynedd is in mourning at the death of Owain, the greatest ruler the North Wales princedom has ever known.
Not all grieve though; Prince Dafydd conspires and schemes to position himself for an ambitious power grab, and woe betide any that get in his way, be they sibling or not.

After narrowly surviving a seemingly inexplicable ambush, Prince Madoc unearths evidence of a duplicitous and murderous plot. But his half-brother, Dafydd is one step ahead of him.

Thanks to a chance meeting with an old friend from the Norse city of Dublin, Madoc and his siblings escape with their lives, although there is a price to pay.

Exiled in Dublin, they formulate plans for a triumphant homecoming to restore their father’s chosen heir to the throne.
There are bumps in the road still to negotiate though, as a stunning Irish princess, promised to one of the most powerful men in England proves to be a fatal attraction for Madoc’s boisterous half-brother, Cynwrig.

On the Isle of Anglesey, the ancient Druidic capital of Wales, the story reaches its dramatic and heart wrenching climax.

Will Madoc and the others succeed in restoring order and justice to Gwynedd, or does a new world celebrated in Norse legend far across the ocean to the west beckon?

Seek and yee shall find…

Disillusioned with power struggles and bitter infighting, Prince Madoc and his compatriots go in search of a wondrous land celebrated in Norse legend and myth that lies far to the west.
It is anything but plain sailing though as they encounter an arrogant lord, a ruthless bishop, a vindictive Icelandic chieftain and an Irish hating giant psychopath; all while being tracked by a deadly Anglo-Welsh mercenary.

Can Prince Madoc, Princess Angharad, Fergal and the others make it to their Promised Land?

In the final installment of the series, Prince Madoc and his companions find themselves in a strange new world.

As they travel through new domains they encounter friendly and not so friendly locals, strange fruits, bewildering beasts, hallucinogenic liquors and mighty cities.

Suffering tragedies and treachery that test their powers of diplomacy, belief and fighting spirit, they endeavor to find their Cambria Newydd.