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Medieval Welsh Time Travel Adventure

“Does for Wales what Outlander did for Scotland.”

Wales 1294...A hated English king, a country in violent rebellion against him, and a sixteen-year old girl from Virginia Beach badly out of her depth.

Until recently Megan Lynch was a high-school sophomore, but currently she is watching a man dangling from a rope having his eye pecked out by a crow, while a crowd of thirteenth century Welsh rebels cheer on. And the thing is, if it hadn’t been for her mom, she wouldn’t even have been in Wales to start with.

“Go stay with your grandmother in Flint, it’ll keep you out of trouble,” she’d said. Oh, the irony.

In her mom’s defense, she could never have predicted the events that unfolded in the ruins of Flint Castle that afternoon. She certainly wouldn’t have known about the strange Welshman or the pendant he gave Megan. Even then, if it hadn’t been for the encounter with a local bully and her crew, then Megan might still be wandering around the ruins of a thirteenth century castle, instead of a fully functioning one

Her striking similarity to the king's daughter is initially her saving grace, but with the king himself en route, she knows her luck cannot last. Thankfully, help is at hand in the shape of Hugh, a handsome young knight's squire with a deadly secret.

Their journey through an oppressed medieval North Wales is a perilous one. It is a world of chainmail, blood-soaked swords, scorched towns, and weird tasting beer. As they overcome obstacles along the way, their friendship grows, and whisper it quietly, but could this even be love?

With a big dollop of luck and a little help from friends along the way, perhaps Megan can make it back to her everyday world of Snapchat, Instagram and Same-Day Delivery; then again, will she even want to?

Ancient Roman Time Travel Adventure in Wales

“Don’t let anyone tell you that Latin is a dead language.”

With Wales under the heel of Roman occupation, the odds are stacked against Megan and Hugh, but as they say in Latin…Audaces Fortuna Iuvat.

“It’s official, Hugh and I are time travelers, which I guess is kinda cool. We escaped from the tower of thirteenth century Flint Castle before they had a chance to capture and brutally torture us at any rate.”

“The not so cool? Well, in this time period the tower we jumped from has yet to be built. The modern city of Chester is called Deva Victrix and is a fortress full of Roman soldiers. Hugh has been hauled off to Gladiator School and I’m slaving away in a tavern close to the local brothel.”

“I won’t lie, as the weeks tick by I’m resigning myself to a life of servitude in Roman Britain, but the feast of Feronia brings a surprise, and there is a chance, albeit a slim one that we can escape. I’ll need help though and it could come from the most unlikely of sources. An annoyingly pretty, yet curiously attractive Celtic girl who works a couple of doors down.”

Time Travel Adventure in 17th century Wales and Ireland

“The Girl, the War and the Witchfinder.”

“Is it too much to ask to be back in the twenty-first century?”

A quick wander around the city of Chester and Megan has her answer. It’s better than Roman times though surely? The buildings look more modern at least, and the beer actually tastes like beer. There’s even a variation on take-out food.

There are one or two drawbacks; the roads aren’t much better than those in the twelfth century. There is a violent, religion driven Civil War raging, and indoor plumbing is still a few centuries away.

Then there is Mr. Shadcombe…when Hugh and Megan’s sudden arrival from the second century is witnessed by a young boy, it puts them on the radar of the local witchfinder, and they are forced to flee to Dublin, where things go from bad to worse.

On reflection, perhaps Roman Britain wasn’t that bad after all…

Gwenllian The Welsh Warrior Princess

A Generation before 'House Divided'

Owain Gwynedd is just a teenage boy when his sister Gwenllian is promised to a king she does not love. Will her father force her to turn her back on her family and the only place she has ever called home?

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