The Welsh Prince who discovered America


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The King's Daughter

What readers are saying…

“The humor reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“If you enjoyed Sarah Woodbury's After Cilmeri Series, then you'll love this.”

Wales 1294...A hated English king, a country in violent rebellion against him, and a fifteen-year old girl from Virginia Beach caught up in the midst of it all.

Megan Lynch is a fifteen-year-old Welsh history loving fish out of water; new school, new town, not to mention new country. Her mother thinks the change will do her good and get her away from the bad company she has fallen in with back in Virginia Beach following the death of her Navy SEAL father.

While Megan loves the chance to hang out with her Welsh grandmother, the only other thing she has affinity for in her new home town of Flint is the thirteenth century castle , built by the despised English king, Edward I – he of William Wallace/Braveheart fame.

She spends every spare moment exploring the ruined old building; day dreaming about what it would have been like in its medieval heyday. Thanks to a pendant given to her by a mysterious Welshman and a confrontation with a school bully, she’s about to find out.

Megan’s existence is turned upside down as she is thrown into a world of violent rebellion, dungeons, chainmail, bloodied swords, public floggings, crossbows, lynch mobs and burning towns – and her mom thought Virginia Beach was bad. There are some compensations though; unpolluted air, stunning scenery, imposing stone castles in their full splendor, and of course, a handsome broad-shouldered knight’s squire by the name of Hugh.

Megan will need to rely on her wits, along with some skills her dad taught her, but with a dollop of luck and a little help from her friends, perhaps she can make it back to her everyday world of Snapchat, Instagram and Same-Day Delivery; then again, will she even want to?

Gwenllian The Welsh Warrior Princess


The first in a series, Reluctant Bride is set a generation before House Divided. Owain Gwynedd is just a teenage boy when his sister Gwenllian is promised to a king she does not love. Will her father force her to turn her back on her family and the only place she has ever called home?

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